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Click on the link below to start downloading your Ruby to the latest version!
Click here to install ruby

Important: Your account of the Ruby Beta is still active! You don’t need to create a new account.

Step by step

  1. Make sure Ruby is closed! Open the tasks in the taskbar of your pc. Right click Ruby and click exit to close it.
  2. Click the link and start the download by clicking on the red “Get Ruby now for free” button.

  3. When the download is finished click on it to start the update

  4. A pop-up from Windows Defender should open. Click on “more information” and execute the installation.
    Important: Installing the Software will not harm your PC.

  5. If you haven’t closed Ruby yet you will get a message to close it. It needs to be closed to continue the installation
  6. Restart your PC to finish the installation.

Your Ruby is now installed and ready for work!

Updated on 27. January 2022

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