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Manage Screen

Ruby® Beta Phase has ended. All content on www.rubyhelp.com is related to Ruby® 2.
Please update your Ruby® to the latest version.
To download Ruby® 2 please go to ruby.troteclaser.com and get the latest version.
As Beta user you can continue using your current login data, no additional activation necessary.

The Manage Screen is the starting phase. Here you get a overview about your current Designs, Jobs and connected Laser.

Pro tip: Press ‘?’ to access the shortcuts. They can be really useful!

This screen has 2 main areas:

Management Area

To switch the overview between Designs and Jobs
Add a new Design or Job
Import a file (.ai, .pfg, .tsf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .tld, .svg, .zip, .tlj)
Search for Designs or Jobs
Download the Design or Job
Delete the Design or Job


Here you can see which laser is connected or available


Updated on 29. July 2021

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