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Ruby 2.0 – 15.07.2021


New Functions:

  • Rotary support
  • Rotary 2d shadow and 3d preview
  • Vision print&cut support
  • Vision camera calibration
  • Print&cut and rotary modes on prepare screen
  • Ruby installation workflow without JobControl
  • Laser device settings in the cloud
  • Add new device/remove device
  • Option to clean database from ruby interface
  • Image power clipping
  • Vector clipping
  • Text kerning and ligature
  • Material database in the cloud
  • Frequency for engraving
  • *.ai file support (Adobe Illustrator)
  • “Remove completed job from queue” toggle
  • “Skip overlapping cutlines” for beziers or straight lines
  • “Material database” role
  • Ruby manager
  • Automatic updates (frontend, trayapp)
  • Material “save as new”
  • Queued job “save as new”
  • Import single material
  • Device table camera
  • Working laser prevents Ruby PC from sleeping
  • Navigate to objects in working area
  • Entities filtering by author/owner
  • Job progress bar always visible in Ruby
  • Recognition of unsupported laser sources
  • “White” layer/Lfactor
  • Individual user hotfolder processing
  • Username
  • Information on item owner
  • Superadmin password reset
  • Knowledge base
  • Rotation step
  • Reset filter option
  • Sample designs
  • Link to manuals
  • Ruby knowledge base

Improvements and updates:

  • Increased optimization for generating large previews
  • Changes and fixes to text import
  • Message toasts unification and improvements
  • Overlapping objects + inner geometry first
  • Better communication between website components
  • Improvements to space management on design and prepare screen
  • Show xyz coordinates on prepare screen canvas
  • Better information on unsupported laser devices
  • Line usage improvements
  • Numerous WYSIWYG improvements
  • Improvements to beziers display & cut
  • Name of the job created from design matches design
  • Improved “push to laser” validation
  • Ruby available remotely by IP address
  • Range multiselect
  • Consistent sorting
  • Information about Ruby versions mismatch
  • Support for custom layers order when importing materials from JobControl
  • Air assist on by default in newly created material
  • Responsive hotkeys
  • Update language after first login
  • Expand/collapse all layers
  • Ability to delete invalid item from the list
  • Support for letter-spacing and word-spacing
  • Device initialization refactor (no empty settings & mdb)
  • Transparency of layers order for cut
  • Setup caching

Notable bugfixes:

  • Numerous PDF & SVG import & performance fixes
  • Numerous fixes to TrayApp & installer
  • Numerous fixes to text positioning
  • Major fixes to entities save operations
  • Fixes to unicode text encoding
  • Fixed bug with save race on entity update
  • Fixes to remote connection
  • Fixes to masks in SVG
  • Fixes to text baseline in SVG
  • Fixes to mongo db access failure
  • Fixes to PDF test encoding
  • Fixed zip filename for jobs exported from Ruby
  • Fixes to queue locking
  • Fixes to chevrons on layers tab on design screen
  • Fixes to object lists on layers tab
  • Fixes to Ruby required ports management
  • Fixes to material database import
  • Ripple removed
Updated on 9. December 2021

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