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Ruby 2.3 – 14.06.2022


New functions:

– Text widget

With the new text feature a widget opens that allows for easier setting of font properties. This includes a preview of the font in the design and displaying text properties only when texts are selected. In addition it is now possible to select the font before you start typing.

– Separate Print&Cut camera driver installation via settings

To improve the installation setup the driver for print&cut cameras can now be installed separately. The driver will not be installed automatically with the Ruby setup anymore. To install the driver please follow the camera installation guide in the Ruby settings.

– Material parameters shown on PRODUCE screen

The operator can now also see the defined laser processes and material effects in the PRODUCE screen.

– Information about updates in settings/info

See the status of the update mechanism and when was the last check for new updates

Improvements and updates:

– Enlarged job preview on PRODUCE screen

With a double-click on the job preview you can zoom into the job and you will not see blank areas

– Shortcuts icon

By clicking on the question mark icon you get a list of all shortcuts available. The list of shortcuts changes depending on the screen. Only available shortcuts are displayed.

– User name instead of email address

On the top right Ruby® now displays the user name instead of the email address.

– See on the MANAGE screen if a job has been produced already

– Set height and width of lines

It is now possible to apply transformations (height, width) to lines as well. Proportions can be locked and unlocked.

– Directly enter number of objects with design array

– Select multiple elements

Use “Shift” or “Ctrl” to select multiple elements on the design or prepare screen.

– Unified UI for widgets

– Updated interface for Vision Design & Position calibration procedure

Notable bugfixes:

– DXF files import with correct color

– PDF/CDR performance import improvements

– Cutting of dashed lines (limitation: only one type of pattern per job)

– Setup improvements

Updated on 14. June 2022

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