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Ruby 2.4 – 13.09.2022


New functions:

– Bitmap tracing

With this intelligent function you can convert bitmaps like logos into vectors. Your artwork will have clear, sharp edges. In addition, these vectorized images can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. Furthermore tracing the “outer contour only” allows to quickly create cut lines for designs and enhance productivity in laser processing.

Find more details here: Bitmap tracing in Ruby

– Advanced Array function

With the improved array function it is even easier and faster to create and arrange multiple copies of designs in a job. Simply enter the total number of copies and how to arrange them. Filling up the entire workbench can be done with one click. Page limits can be set via the anchor points. If required, individual elements can be removed as well.

– Align designs on prepare screen automatically

Designs on the prepare screen are now positioned and arranged next to each other (previously always at 0/0 position and overlaying).

Improvements and updates:

– Change properties of multiple text objects

Change and enter properties of multiple selected text objects at the same time.

– Improved Text inputs

Ruby® now supports the computers systems build in text input methods. This allows for easy direct text input of East Asian languages like Japanese just as with any other office program.

– Paste objects from PC clipboard to Ruby®

– Value zero for line scaling is now possible

Directly enter a zero value for lines to make them absolutely horizontal or vertical

– Improved Tooltips

Tooltips also for tool captions which are too long to display

– Units displayed consistently in user interface

See what is new with an update before you start the installation

Notable bugfixes:

– Job time calculation possible with switched off Run on Ruby machines

– IDS camera image trigger improvement

– Vision camera hangups​ fixed

– Fiber laser frequency can be adjusted up to 200kHz again instead of 65 kHz

– Multi page PDF can be imported in “Single Design” mode​

– Message “Can’t save settings – element not found”​ on first run of Ruby fixed

– PDF import improvements

– Setup improvements

Known issues:

– Installation of remote access certificate is required after update – Instructions

– Rendering issues with some fonts. Texts are displayed as boxes

– When tracing a bitmap, the vector path can not be broken into individual elements

– Live preview of bitmap tracing is not yet available

– DXF files sometimes import with wrong scaling

– Non-proportional scaling of multiple selected objects not possible

Updated on 15. September 2022

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