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User and Machine settings

Ruby® Beta Phase has ended. All content on www.rubyhelp.com is related to Ruby® 2.
Please update your Ruby® to the latest version.
To download Ruby® 2 please go to ruby.troteclaser.com and get the latest version.
As Beta user you can continue using your current login data, no additional activation necessary.

Here you can change some personal or machine settings.

Save your changes
Choose how the units should be displayed
Change your language
Pdf layers import
Choose your lid camera
Choose a Home Position type
Custom home position
Custom home position
Exhaust pre run time
Exhaust post run time
Check exhaust during process
Air assist – Gas kit installed
Choose a lens
Enable the vision camera

Vision camera calibration

  1. Enable the Vision camera by clicking on the switch.
  2. Click save to continue the process. (Settings must be saved before calibration is performed)
  3. If your queue isn’t empty you will get a pop-up that your queue will get cleared.
  4. Enter Parameter to cut through your calibration (eg. Power: 10%; Velocity: 1%)
  5. Move the laserpointer to the spot where you want to cut the calibration circles.
  6. Click on “Queue calibration job” to start the calibration.
  7. Switch to the Produce Screen and start the job

Note: The camera detects the offset values and adds them to the settings.

Updated on 15. September 2021

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