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Ruby 2.5.1 – 21.02.2023


Notable bugfixes:

– Prepare screen and material selection

A bug in the material database corrupted the prepare screen and the material selection. This issue is now resolved.

– High Quality engraving mode

High quality engraving mode was not working even when it was enabled. This issue is now resolved.

New functions and improvements with Ruby 2.5

Known issues:

– Stamps are engraved without stamp shoulders – Workaround: manually activate the relief mode for rubber stamp materials

– Print&Cut registration mark detection: bottom left preview window does not show registration mark

– Print&Cut calibration: process can freeze if manual confirmation is required. Press machine play button to finish procedure

– Print&Cut skip registration mark: process can freeze in rare cases. Open top lid to unfreeze process or restart machine

– New features not visible: clear your browser cache to display all functions correctly

Updated on 20. February 2023

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