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Ruby 2.1 – 16.12.2021


New functions:

  • Direct import cdr files
  • Direct import dxf files
  • Job Time Calculator
  • Stamps
  • Design array
  • PhotoTune – Tone curve correction
  • Firmware update from Ruby
  • Progress bar with calculated job time
  • x, y offset as a user setting

New Functions for Run on Ruby machines:

  • Select language on touch display
  • Turn exhaust ON/OFF from touch display
  • Machine stand-by from touch display
  • See the network connection status on the touch display
  • Manually configure network settings on the touch display
  • Improved network configuration for easy network integration

Improvements and updates:

  • Enhanced and robust installation setup
  • Redesign of Job Queue
  • Remove all jobs from the queue with one click
  • Use the direct IP address for remote connection
  • IPv4 and IPv6 present in remote certificate
  • Vision Print&Cut- process registration marks independently per design
  • Diagnostics info on settings screen
  • PDF import – support for lab color space, support for separation color space, support for CIDFonts
  • Rotary and non-rotary jobs visually distinguished on the lists
  • Http-server package included in installer
  • Support for rotary and vision TSF file import
  • Improved update mechanism
  • Better notifications when importing missing materials from cloud
  • Info about installed Ruby Version in main menu
  • Import laser power information from jc.ini
  • Improved cut quality with E2000 laser electronics
  • Upgrade to node.js v14
  • Upgrade to angular v12
  • Upgrade to .net 5
  • Improved software key board on Run on Ruby machines

Notable bugfixes:

  • Fixes to Ruby installations with SP500
  • Fixes to vector clipping (no more “broken circles”)
  • Numerous pdf import fixes
  • Numerous svg import fixes
  • Fixes to pause and resume actions
  • Fixes to Vision Print&Cut camera image preview
  • Fixes to default compensation value
  • Fixes to the Ruby tray icon
  • Importing frequency flp from jc.ini
  • Geometry healing merging too eagerly
  • Executed job can not be deleted anymore
  • Fixes to short key overview
  • Log in button no longer grayed when Ruby is running

Updated on 16. December 2021

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